Lets learn The Steps In Getting Your Book Inside Barnes & Noble??? I  have 9 secrets ready to share with you :-)

          Thanks for allowing me to cater to your dreams. In this service, with your permission, I'll either send you the package for getting into Barnes & Noble via email, or I can ship them to your place of residents. In this service, I teach you and friends the 9 Secrets in getting your book inside, on the shelves and future book signigns there at Barnes & Noble. With my process, it'll actually help your interaction with other independent book stores as well. For a reasonably fair cost of $25, I would show you the steps in getting your book to new heights. If interested, please click on the Barnes & Noble image to the left, as it will guide you the pay screen. P.S., since trusting my process, I've had the opportunity to travel the world on behalf of Barnes & Noble from following my very own 9 step process. Will you be the next to join me on my scheduled book date in August 2019.





     Here are a few secrets;

    -Be sure to PURCHASE your ISBN; do not allow it given to you for free as it is technically not yours. 

   -Does your publication company have a return policy? If not, I advised that you consider switching to one that has such policy. 

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