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New Office Address:

Johnathan M. Clark M.S.



1631 Midtown Place Ste. 104

Raleigh, NC 27609


  • Couples Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Couples Evaluation
  • Single Sessions

Couples Counseling-


It's a couples-centered service where our couples are pushed to a "no limit approach" of success. In our sessions, we will focus on several main principles: understanding, compromise, sacrificing, and foundation.  Here at CC&IG, we have dedicated and determined staff members that are in love with the idea of helping others. We are dedicated in doing more than just "shaking our heads and aggreeing with each statement stated," we tell the truth and encourage our clients to partake in a major hands-on approach. With that being said, give me and my passion a chance to help your relationship to excel to new heights. From helping couples pursuing marriage, to even helping those that are married; we love what we do, as you should. What are some of the areas we specialize in? Here's the list:



-Re-builidng trust

-How to communicate

-How to love one another

-How to forgive them 




$200 a month

(We recommend meeting at least 3-4 times a month. The cost does not change if our sessions need additonal time after 4 days a month. 


Individual Counseling:


In individual counseling we work heavily on creating a new you!! Now, we won't create a new identity, but I'm confident enough to say that we will present a new you in a shape that is designed to build dimensions.  The question is" Are you ready to learn?" In life we are placed in situations that cause us to react in specific ways based on different environmental/inherited traits. The next question is "what if I told you that I could help you change thatt?" In this service, we will help build you into a new perception overall. You just have to allow us to do the work, followed by you being humble and teachable. What are some of the areas we specialize in?

Here's that list:


-Enjoying the single life

-How to love yourself again

-Overcoming a negative state of mind

-Changing the way we think about life

-Life planning




$140 a month

(We recommend meeting at least 4 times a month)


Pre-Marital Counseling:

And then there was the decision to make it official with the person you've proposed and/or accepted in your life. In this portion of life, we will WORK together in understanding one another. We will work together on problem solving for the future. We will work together in understanding the purpose of marriage and remembing to have fun. We will work together in rulling out what society says you shouldn't do, versus how much you should avoid what society informs us of. Lastly, we're going to focus on remembering the platforms that we must have in our marriage; and that's the lord himself during those times of need. 


    What Happens in our session(s):

-Meeting at least 2 times a month

-Avoiding obstacles 

-Remembering to have fun

-Making love

-Staying social 



-Sacrificing for one another

-Remembering to love one another

-Creating a foundation

-Prayer through it all

-Conflict resolution



$125 a month

We recommend meeting at least twice a month



                                                                                                 Couples Evaluation:

At times we think on if we should see a counselor to help us get back on track. Sometimes we get in the feeling of whether or not it's even worth seeking help when we're unsure if there's even a chance we could even forgive again. On ocassion we get into the spirit of needing help from someone who can let us know that it's probably time to throw in the towel because we may fear on hurting the other person. Lastly, we sometimes run into the feeling if we're making a good decision by staying, or why stay when we've emotionally left? This type of service is a one time thing where I get the pleasure in disecting your relationship, your friendship and even your marriage to see exactly where it is. I get the chance to see if there's still hope from my point of view. I also get the chance to perform an initial evaluation of what I see and what I don't see in your relationship. This service can last up to 90 minutes, but it'll definately be worth the time and you'll leave with pretty accurate results. 





                                                                                  Single Session:   

At times we could use a simple friend to chat with, to hear about our issues, and for someone to simply listen to us. That's where I come in at. This service is in place for those that are not apart of my package deal for couples or individuals, but is for those that need the random acts of passionate words of wisdom at times. Each session can last up to 60 minutes. No worries if the session goes a bit over; my passion will allow it at times and to ensure you're recieving the much needed help. 




Our Passion(s):


-Break Ups





Committment Isues


Bring Back The Spark

Creating A New You

And Much More...




Each session will generally range between 60-90 minutes



Book your appointment today by giving the number below a call, text, or a simple email with the need of your choice. I'll be sure to respond within the hour. Thanks again for allowing me to cater to your needs. 











    Johnathan M. Clark M.S


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