How To Fight 101: 1on 1


Believe it or not, couples today tend to fight with one another the exact same way that their parents taught them to do; remember what your parents told you to do if someone is bothering you?? I'll give you a sec to think about it....


-Fighting them back

-Matching their level tension towards you

-Telling an adult

-Hit them to the point of leaving you alone

-Low blows




On October 6, 2018 we'll be hosting an exclusive event on teaching singles and couples on new and improve ways in fighting while in a relationship or marriage. Too many time we see 4/10 legal cases that are in reference to domestic disturbances. Too many times we hear about couples going days without talking. Lastly, we hear too many times about holes being put in walls, and we're not talking about construction. Come on out and participate in activities, acting, hand outs and hands on approaching in improving YOUR relationship!!



4242 Six Forks Road

Raleigh, NC 27609

(Bank of America Bldg)

Park in parking deck and take elevator to 1st floor



October 6, 2018


(Please arrive on time. You'll be escorted up from the 1st floor lobby by secretary)



$20 per couple

$12 per individual

$8 Virtual attendance


Dress Code:




Heavy Refreshments




Group interaction








Couples Entry Cost

(click on image for purchase)

Individual Entry

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Virtual Entry

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For more details and if you desire to come out and support, feel free to click on the flyer. It'll guide you directly to more indept details on what's expected to take place on this day. 

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